Utopian Optimism and Flying Cars

About a year ago, while grocery shopping, I was joking around with one of the store managers when he said “Well, I thought we would have flying cars by now”, to which I replied “Me too, me too!” We both laughed. On the outside.

That exchange has grown heavier on mind, on my heart, with every passing day. He was right. We should have flying cars by now. And much, much more. So why don’t we? That answer will weigh even heavier on us. It should. On all of us. And in seeking that answer, millions of us need to set aside the rhetoric, the dogma, the biases, and the prejudices.  We need to dig deeper into our souls than our comfortable politics, the safety of our privilege, the distractions of social media, and the sports and entertainment on television.

Sixty years ago, we dreamed big. We envisioned great social changes and conceived immense technological advancements. We would finally treat all people equally, no longer employing racial, gender, age, or religious biases. We would put an end to our country’s involvement in senseless wars that have taken up all but 16 years of our 244-year history. We would fly to the moon, and then beyond, to explore the vastness of space! We saw ourselves curing disease, ending famine and hunger, cleaning our polluted environment, respecting our limited resources and ecosystem, adopting non-polluting and powerful energy sources, and building an advanced planetary society. We would drive flying cars! And then, we apparently, went to sleep.

Now we find ourselves, sixty years later, trying to awaken from our nightmare. If we look around, and I mean with open, honesty, we are still involved in the longest war in our country’s history with threats of another war hiding over the horizon. We are in the midst of a global pandemic, that our leadership initially denied existed, that has killed over 1 million worldwide thus far, with over 20% of those in the USA. The annual death toll from just HIV and cancer is almost 10 million. In the US, we have a political party that is dismantling as many of our environmental laws as they can, denying climate science, increasing fossil fuel production, and killing green energy research. We have massive protests sometimes turning violent, against the almost weekly killing of unarmed African American citizens by law enforcement officers. We have thousands of immigrants seeking asylum, imprisoned at our borders, with children and infants being separated from their families. We have a President calling for the arrest of his political rivals because they dare to question his involvement with foreign leaders, denouncing all unfavorable media as “fake news”, embracing white nationalists and domestic terrorist groups, telling them to “stand by”, and claiming that a pending election will be fraudulent if he is not re-elected. We have the largest and fastest transfer of wealth in our country’s history and threats of a civil war by the supporters of our current President if he is not re-elected.

But no flying cars.

I want to know why.  More on that later….

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