Me? I am just an ordinary guy who was raised believing in science, compassion, working hard, and justice. I dreamed big and I embraced the dreams and visions of the great minds and imaginations of the world. I knew that while I walked this earth, I would be witness to some amazing accomplishments of humans. We would end hunger, eradicate disease, wipeout poverty, build amazing cities, dive into the mysteries of the ocean’s depths, and explore the vastness of space. I have spent my life reading science journals and periodicals tracking mankind’s accomplishments and advancements in knowledge.


I have wanted to write a blog for quite a few years. I was greatly saddened by the facets of society that began to surface around 2007. By 2015 I felt we were in a deep dive. Now in 2020, I have no doubt that we are facing challenges that may decide the actual longevity of humans. It seems that we have a very real choice between devolving or evolving. And that idea has been plaguing my thoughts for some time.

Last year, I had a conversation that was the inspiration for the first post on this blog. I wrote it a few weeks back. For the past two weeks, I was closer to starting the blog than ever before. And then I happened upon what used to be a fairly common idiom: “caught between two stools“ meaning one had to make a choice between two, sometimes difficult, options. That idiom was the spark that lit the fire. Hence the blog name.

This blog was not intended to be a political statement, although at times, it will be. That says less about my views and much more about the current political climate. Some issues just seem to be highly politicized. I am far more concerned with the future of humans and this planet than I am with the political views of any one person at this time. Political platforms change over the years, as do social norms, and scientific knowledge.  My hope is that readers can separate themselves from the current partisan, divisive politics of the world and view these thoughts from a vantage point of creating a world that embraces all people and achieves the very best that we can possibly become.